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The Address

Beloved 1 and Beloved 2, you are here because separately and together you have paid attention to who you are, what your life means, and where you are going.  Two souls recognizing one another, today is your union, your commitment.

Truly, in promising to be with each other always, we promise each other time. We promise to exercise our love, to stretch it large enough to embrace the unforeseen realities of the future. We promise to learn to love beyond the level of our instincts and inclinations. We change because of these promises. We shape ourselves according to them; We live in their midst and live differently because of them. We feel protected because of them. It is the alchemy of the relationship itself that transforms us. That which we become in the presence of another person, the person we love most deeply, the person we choose to spend our whole life with.

Love is what brought you together; Love is what will keep you whole. Love is life’s highest destiny, its greatest purpose, and its finest work.

We are gathered here to celebrate a union that embodies love’s most profound possibilities. It is love, true love, unconditional love, the love of the tree for the earth, the love of the bird for the air, the love for creation that shatters all limitations, that dissolves all fears. This unconditional love is the true gift of unity.

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