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optional rituals

Optional Rituals


Box, Wine, and Love Letter Ceremony

Brianna and Mike, as a couple you crafted a strong wooden box that will
hold a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. In addition, you each wrote a
letter to one another, expressing your thoughts about the good qualities
that you have found in your future partner, as well as your reasons for
falling in love with each other. You did not read each other’s letter and
you placed them in the box with the wine and glasses.

Mike and Brianna, should you ever find your marriage enduring serious
difficulties, I am asking that before you make and irrational decisions, that
you both, as a couple, open the bos, drink some wine together, and then
venture off into separate rooms to read the letters that you wrote to one
another when you were united as a couple. by reading these love letters, 
you will reflect upon the reasons that you fell in love with each other in the
first place. The hope here is that there will never be a reason for you to
open this box, unless of course, it is for your 25th anniversary. 


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