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Blessings / Prayers

Loving Creator, thank you for the longing for love and the capability of loving. We give thanks for this partnership, for their open hearts and willing spirits, and for the example of love that they embody here in our presence.

Divine light that illumines our hearts and gives life to each cell of our being, we give thanks for the love that has gathered us together in this place, and especially for the heart-warming love of Beloved 1 and Beloved 2. For their open hearts and loving spirits, for their wisdom in choosing to love, for their willingness to walk on the path of true love, with all its challenges, lessons and joys. 

In this sacred and joyful moment we call upon the highest in Beloved 1 and Beloved 2, the divine inner presence that always knows exactly what you need, that gives and asks the best in you. We ask every blessing of this moment, a confirmation of the wisdom of your choice; great happiness on the path that is set before you; kindness, and care as you walk it, strength to live out your purpose; grace and peace through your journey and friends to support you.

So, hooray! We're here to celebrate, to honor, to laugh, to dance, and to be glad because the inevitable has happened. Love is alive and well on the North Coast. This happy couple is here to prove it, and we are here to celebrate with them.

This is Beloved 1 and Beloved 2's wedding, and we’re here to listen, to love, sing, dance and rejoice, and to send them into their future, with one outrageous, gigantic blessing.


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