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Welcome / Convocation

It is always a beautiful time to celebrate love.

Family and friends we have come together from many different places, near and far, family from the Bay Area, Southern California, Kansas, Minnesota, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, as far away as, England, Switzerland, Germany, gathered so that we may support and strengthen this couples love in the presence of one another. We have arrived. Nothing else is important but this moment and this meaningful place they have chosen, an ideal setting, at their home, in the midst of nature, we can feel close to each other. these two individuals felt a true sense of being guided to make their home here on the North Coast. The power of life in it's fullest is deeply felt by both of them here. .

Family and friends, I invite you now, to take a deep breath, set your varied thoughts aside and gently become aware of our beautiful surroundings, the vibrant blue sky, the swaying grasses, smell the richness of the earth, listen to the calming, relaxing sounds of the wind, the birds, listen to my voice, listen to your hearts. Become aware of each other, can you feel your spirit, your excitement? It is love that loves through us, truly we are blessed.

Beloved 1 (full name ) and Beloved 2 (full name), we have come here to honor your commitment to each other. To your saying yes to life, yes, it is good to be alive, to breathe the fresh air, to feel the rays of the sun, to hold each other close. It is good to "make a family together, in caring and loving” for love is a communion of your unity with each other; of your relation to those who are part of your circle of caring, of your ties to the earth, to air and water and fire.

To life itself; love is a communion, the circle within which we all live and move and have our being.

It is one of life’s richest surprises when the fateful meeting of two individuals leads them to proceed together along a common path. It is indeed one of life's finest experiences when a chance relationship grows into a permanent bond of love. This meeting and this growing are what bring us together today. 

The uniting of this couple is an important and memorable event. In their love for each other they create a union of joy, of hope, of commitment to share the future together. This is a time of celebration for all who know and love them. In this spirit of joy, we welcome Beloved 1 and Beloved 2 to the spiritual undertaking that is their unity.

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